I offer a full range of services from minor adjustments to major overhauls & repairs to

Bassoon & Contra bassoon

(Recommended every 12 - 18 months)

Inspect instrument, renew corks, pads, springs etc as needed, reseat pads & regulate.
This can get rid of problems before the player notices them & keeps the instrument in good working order.

(Recommended every 2 - 3 Years)

As checkover plus strip down, free & tighten keys as needed, clean, lubricate pivot rods & screws & oil bore if appropriate.

As service plus renew all pads & more thorough cleaning.

Please contact me for guide prices

Pad & spring replacement
Tenon recorking
Crook repair
Tenon replacement
Key work modification
Crack repair

Anything else needed?
Just ask - many more things are possible!